Congratulations Glenda and Christopher!

Cisler Real Estate Client Testimontials

On May 22nd, the day had finally come for Glenda to close on her house. After having a bit of trouble selling it in the past, she was pleased and ecstatic to have her home be sold. Christopher saw the home and was intrigued by it. It interested him so much, he decided it would be his new home.

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After only being on the market for a couple of months with Cisler Real Estate, Sue Pirok was able to sell Glenda's home in Staunton to Mike Mihelcic's client Christopher.
Pictured Above, L to R: Sue Pirok, Realtor; Glenda, Seller; Christopher, Buyer; Mike Mihelcic, Realtor; and JR Obrecht, Loan officer
So from everyone here at Cisler Real Estate,
Congratulations Glenda and Christopoher and great job Sue and Mike!
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